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Local Options Tax Subcommittee Mission Statement

Our mission is to ensure the health, well-being and sustainability of the Mad River Valley community in the towns of Fayston, Waitsfield and Warren through seeking long-term sources of investment funds. After careful review, we fully support a Local Option Tax (LOT) as a low-cost way to invest in the community.


A Healthy and Sustainable Mad River Valley Community

The Mad River Valley is a vibrant community of Vermont towns connected by its natural beauty and resources. It is a celebrated destination for families, recreation, its unique character and home for people who love being outdoors. Its assets—rural landscape, diverse topography, engaged citizenry, active cultural life, and an entrepreneurial agricultural and business community—are strong.


After decades of discussion, in the past five years a series of eight community and economic vitality task forces and committees have researched, discussed and made recommendations on how to improve the community and economic interests of the Valley. The consistent findings are the need for investment in:


  •  Attainable housing

  •  Access to adequate public transportation

  •  Expanded recreation opportunities

  •  Important community projects

  •  Destination marketing to increase commerce during slow periods


Some of the MRV Vision highlights include:


  •  Be a welcoming community

  •  Assure a healthy and sustainable environment for future generations.

  •  Promote and maintain a diverse economy that supports existing businesses and    attracts new businesses.

  •  Enhance the Valley’s year-round recreational opportunities.

  •  Provide access to attainable and energy efficient housing

  •  Support the Valley’s historic settlement pattern and cultural heritage.

  •  Invest in an effective and user-friendly transportation network.


Consistent and thoughtful recommendations have been made over the past many decades, but a lack of investment resources have stymied progress.  The LOT Subcommittee seeks to build on the momentum of past intentions and efforts and turn the collective vision of advancing the Valley community’s economic interests, vitality and sustainability and make impactful investments in the Valley’s future.


The Value of a LOT Process

A strategic, long-range Valley-wide approach to investing in projects that will benefit the community as a whole is needed.


An LOT will provide a reliable source of funds to strengthen the future of the Valley, support community vitality, and enrich the quality of life for all its residents and visitors through a transparent and accountable process representing the broad interests of Valley residents, towns, and businesses to oversee the distribution of these investment funds and report regularly on the resulting tangible and measurable results.

Members of the MRV LOT sub-committee:

Jared Cadwell - Chair, Chair Fayston Selectboard; Secretary/Treasurer MRVPD

Donald Simonini - Fayston Planning Commission; MRVPD Steering Committee

Darryl Forrest - Waitsfield Selectboard

Kellee Mazer - Waitsfield Selectboard

Peter MacLaren - Chair MRV Chamber of Commerce

Bob Ackland - Vice Chair Warren Selectboard; Chair MRVPD

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