Supports the MRV Vision by advancing efforts towards housing, transportation, sustainability, and historic preservation and land conservation?

1. Support on-going efforts and new initiatives to develop attainable housing in the MRV.

  • Why: Recent community forums repeatedly identified affordable housing as the number one priority for the MRV. With few affordable options available locally, our workforce is living further and further away from their jobs. Local businesses are finding it hard to fill positions.

  • How: Focus on necessary infrastructure: engineering, zoning assistance, and permitting to make it attractive for developers to invest in affordable housing units.
    Attainable housing proposals shall receive the highest priority from the MRV LOT Commission.  Annually the MRV LOT Commissioners shall award at least $300,000 to the Mad River Valley Housing Trust, a trust established by the Mad River Valley Housing Coalition,

  • Goal: Lower the median age of the MRV population and increase the MRV elementary school enrollment within the first five years of the MRV LOT Fund’s existence.

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