Supports the MRV Vision in its entirety as our economy is heavily dependent on tourist visits. Not only does tourism money directly impact the businesses of the MRV, but that money is then recirculated into efforts to sustain natural resources, enhance year-round recreation, and maintain our historic buildings, vibrant villages and scenic landscape.

1. Increase MRV tourist visits in the off-seasons and mid-week.

  • Why: Develop a more stable and predictable year-round business climate. By making more efficient use of our existing capacity, we can boost our economy and minimize environmental impact.

  • How: Identify and bring to the Valley meetings, conferences, tournaments, and niche events to help fill current facilities during these slower periods.
    Destination Marketing shall have a minimum annual allocation of $75,000 per year to allow for funding ongoing promotional activities.

  • Goal: Increase mid-week and non-peak weekend occupancy, leading to a rise in annual occupancy from 32% to 37% by 2023. That increase is estimated to be about $8.5 million in additional annual visitor dollars into the MRV economy.
    Add 4 major events to the MRV by 2022.


2. Expand destination marketing efforts targeted to families and outdoor enthusiasts.

  • Why: These are people who are most likely to enjoy what the MRV offers visitors, to become repeat life-long visitors, to share their appreciation of the MRV with others over time, and to develop a lasting connection to the MRV community.

  • How: Use demographic and behavioral targeted marketing channels, and creative design and messaging targeted at families traveling together, and outdoor recreation enthusiasts. Deliver a welcoming and quality guest experience to all visitors.

  • Goal: Institute the Net Promoter scoring system for businesses across the MRV and track improvements over the first three years.

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